Trading While You Sleep.

Trade Flexibility
With The TE Trade Mirror you can take our trades as your learn at your own pace.

Pending Limits & Orders
You’ll be able to see all the trades we have coming and our trade deck in your own trade console.

Our Results Speak For Themselves.

Trades taken
Dollars in profit
Pips Collected
Account Growth

Here’s How It Works.

Here at Traders Edge, we pride ourselves on our clients ability to grow, learn and earn. Our ultimate goal is to create independent traders out of each and every person that would like to learn the skill of trading the forex markets.

We’ve introduced the TE Trade Mirror in the hopes that we can let you, our clients, leverage our trading acumen as you learn and develop your own strategies and trade theory. The TE Trade Mirror helps you to conceptualize what is going on in the market and capitalize off the market movements simultaneously.

We’ve integrated our relationships with our brokers–and streamlined our onboarding process to make receiving our trades and learning our strategies as you earn as seamless as possible.

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    Sign Up

    Sign up for your TE Mirror Subscription and get much MUCH more. Our TE Gold package includes the copier at no additional charge.

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    Get A Broker

    Pick a broker. The brokers we have below offer the best performance with the TE Mirror.

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    Start Earning

    Take a look at your pending trades. Look at what we are trading and pay attention to when and why. Start to formulate your own strategy from our expertise.

Required & Recommended.

With Our Recommended Brokers and VPS We Strive to Provide the Best Connection With the Lowest Latency Possible.

Persistent Connection

You’ll never have to worry about missing a trade from us with the VPS. It ensures the absolute lowest latency and best throughput that we’ve experienced anywhere.

Low Maintenance

You can literally set it up and forget it. All of the settings will push to your phone once completed.

Cost Efficient

With plans for less than the cost of a fast food meal per month, you’ll be able to secure your trading success and rest assured that all TE Mirror trades will be sent to your account.

Outage Proof

Our VPS partners have as close to 100% uptime as you can get. Any changes that need to be made are made durning non-market hours and don’t tamper with your VPS settings.


Frequently Asked Questions

After creating an fxblue account–email your username to We will make sure you get connected from there. We will also add you to the TE Trade Mirror Support group.
To ensure your mirror trader is ran 24/7 at optimal specifications. If you aren’t running a VPS, the chance of you missing trades are much higher.
The channel name will be provided to you in the TE Mirror Support Group. We will also have .set files available to choose from that are standard templates that we’ve found people use when copying our trades.
UsefixedLotSize, UseRiskFactor, LotSizeMultiplier, EquityPerLot, balancePerLot, CashRiskFixed, CashRiskEquitypercent, CashRiskBalancePercent.

Refer to THIS to see what they all mean.

Your mirror trader will automatically have the options set to mirror the SL (stop loss) and TP (take profit) but if you want to use different settings you will have to change FixedSLPips and FixedTPPips, and turn MirrorSLandTPChanges to false.